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What Should Be The Period Between Two Pregnancies?


Parents usually want their first born to have a brother or a sister. But a second baby may bring forth question such as child care, financial situations, spiritual opportunities, whether the second child is going to get the same patience and  compassion as the first child. However, with females who wish to have a second pregnancy, the most frequently asked question is how long should they wait after the first child has been born. Because pregnancy wears out the female’s body and the hormonal balance is changes during this period. In this context, it is very important that the female is ready for both psychological and physiological effects of pregnancy. Research states that the female should at least wait for two years before giving birth to the second child. If this period is longer than 5 years it can be considered that there might be risks of pregnancy. Especially pregnancy which occurs 6 months after giving birth is dangerous for both mother and child.  

Who should wait how long between two births?

According to World Health Organization data, the risks during pregnancy will increase if the female conceives before 2 years have passed after the first birth. However, like all health-related conditions, this too depends on the females health and physical condition. The general opinion about this is; women under the age of 35, should at least wait for two years for a second pregnancy. For women over the age of 35, waiting for one year will be enough. Because after the age of 40, it is very difficult for women to conceive naturally it is advised that this period should not be wasted by waiting.

What are the disadvantages of having a short duration between pregnancies?

After a period less than 1-2 years of the first birth the female’s body functioning, metabolism, hormones have not returned to normal yet. Due to these physical conditions the second pregnancy may affect the female’s health. The most common of these problems which the female will face is anaemia. Problems related to the baby such as miscarriages, structural abnormalities can occur as well. In addition to all this, the female who conceives again without waiting long enough will face nursing problems and may not be able to feed the first born child.

How long should a female wait after a miscarriage?

A woman can face a miscarriage during her pregnancy due to various diseases or abnormal conditions. In these cases the body will have to adapt to this condition first. In miscarriages, the mother’s body will need time to accept this different and challenging condition. After a miscarriage the female should not have unprotected sex for at least 6 months in order to gain physical wellness.

Does the time that the female should wait between 2 pregnancies differ between vaginal birth and c-section?

There is not a different time range between the minimum time to wait between two births. Both in normal births and C-Section it is suggested that the female waits 2 years in between the two babies. Unless you have another problem or a condition that requires to postpone pregnancy, 2 years after the first birth it is possible to have a second pregnancy which will be comfortable and healthy.