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What is Microinjection (ICSI)?

Assistant application in in-vitro fertilization treatments: microinjection

Every day, new methods are developed in the in-vitro fertilization treatments. The purpose is to provide the chance of having a baby for every partner. There are techniques that enable to increase the chance of success in the in-vitro fertilization treatment within the microinjection technique. The objective is to get the cells together and ensure that they are fertilized in the best suitable way and enhance the chance of success. The sperms left around the egg using the classical technique are allowed to be fertilized by their own. Thus, it is allowed for the sperms high in number to meet with the egg cells. In the in-vitro fertilization treatments using microinjection, a single selected high quality sperm is injected into the egg cell and thus, the fertilization is enabled. A selected sperm is placed into each egg cell, and allow for the males with sperms too little in number to have a chance of in-vitro fertilization treatment.

What are the advantages of microinjection?

It may not be easy to meet with the sperm cell in the male-originated infertility cases. Having accessed to sperm sample using such techniques as TESE may increase the need for these sperms and may force to have even a single sperm because in male infertilities, allowing the sperms to be too few in number to be fertilized is also extremely important.  In microinjection technique, as each sperm allow for each sperm sample to fertilize the egg, it will provide an advantage. Thanks to this forced meeting, the failures depending on the fertilization in in-vitro fertilization treatments will decrease and the chance of success will increase.


How is microinjection performed technically?

One of the sperms in the semen or accessed using TESE is selected to cause fertilization. The quality is highly important. High quality sperm is sampled using a sensitive microscopic injector and the tail is made immobilized. It is directly placed into the egg cell in this way. The egg cell must be also in its metaphase 2 process as the maturity phase.

What types of patient do have a need for microinjection technique?

Will the fertilization be realized by 100%?

Despite forced meeting, the fertilization may not realize for certain at all times because the sperm quality is again an important factor. The embryologist will pay attention to the quality of sperm they will select and increase their chance of success in the treatment with their experience. (Choosing an experienced embryologist will be always an important reason for raising the success bar.)

Will there be a budget difference between classic IVF treatment and IVF treatment with microinjection?

In both techniques, there will be required similar equipment. The budget arrangement is made taking into consideration the quality of the center, the experience of the team, and the reliability of the materials and medicines. For both technique, a similar price list will be achieved and in this sense, no various budget differences will come up.

We prefer the microinjection method at a highly rate at Liv Hospital In-Vitro Fertilization Center. In accordance with the number of obtained eggs, we will have created much more embryos. As a result, the high number of embryos in our hands allows us to make a choice among them and makes it easy for us to reach the embryo with a high pregnancy potential.