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What Is Menstruation And How Does It Occur

What Is Menstruation And How Does It Occur

Menstruation is the tissue inside of the uterus being discharged from the body in the form of blood. Another common name for menstruation is period. Medically,  period is the endometrial being discharged every month from the uterus as blood. With the oestrogen hormones effect, after the first period, the lining of the uterus thickens. This situation is called proliferation.

The period in between 2 menstruations is called ovulation. The progesterone hormone will decrease, depending on the inner layer of the uterus which causes the bleeding to occur. The blood is from the inside of the uterus. Young girls who have their periods for the first time might get confused and think that this is something abnormal or a sickness.

There is nothing to fear of because the blood is directly from the uterus and not from the ovaries or the inner layers of the abdominals. After a while the inner layer of the uterus will start to re-thicken and that is how a new cycle (the menstrual cycle) begins.

What do menstrual bleedings contain?

The pieces in the inner layer of the uterus are formations of the menstrual blood. These formations are discharged from the female’s body through the menstrual blood. The bleeding is gradually reduced once the uterine wall starts thickening. The inside of the uterus will be cleansed by the menstrual blood. This is how, the uterus will be completely sterile. At the end of the menstrual blood, the chances of getting pregnant will increase. It must not be forgotten, that the baby cannot develop in a non-sterile womb.

The uterus is sterile and clean

The uterus is extremely clean and sterile because the baby will develop and grow here.  It is not possible for the baby to develop in a non-sterile environment. Under normal conditions, the uterus is cleansed each month by the menstrual cycle. That is why it is not possible for this blood to be unclean in any way.

When does the menstrual cycle start and at what age does it finish?

The first menstrual bleeding can occur between the ages 8 and 16. Generally it is seen when the young female is 12 years old.

The last period will change depending on the reasons related with menopause. Especially women who experience early menopause under the age of 40, may experience irregularities in menstruation. Generally the last menstrual bleeding will occur between the ages 45 and 55.