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What Are The Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

What Are The Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are medication used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills should be used under the supervision of a doctor. Women who use birth control pills without consulting a doctor can experience negative side effects which can harm their bodies. Birth control pills must be used only under a doctor’s supervision.

What are the possible side effects that can be experienced?

Birth control pills contain a high rate of female hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone. Depending on these hormones and the usage of the medication, women who take birth control pills may experience some side effects . Birth control pills are not suitable for every female’s use and therefore it requires the approval of a doctor. Especially for women who are smokers and over the age of 35, are not considered appropriate candidates for birth control pills.

What are the side effects of birth control pills?

Most women who use birth control pills can experience problems such as nausea and vomiting. However, the pills can upset the body’s hormonal balance and especially in the first two weeks severe morning sickness can be experienced due to the use of these pills. However, some women might not experience any side effects while using birth control pills. The side effects can vary depending on every individual.

One of the other possible side effects of birth control pills is breast tenderness and fullness. Vaginal discharge, an increase in blood pressure with patients who have hypertension, acne, an increase seen in migraine pain, mood swings and sexual aversion are some of the rare side effects seen in some women who use birth control pills.

In which conditions the female should stop using birth control pills?

Birth control pills may cause some complications for women who are using this medication without consulting a specialist. In case the female experiences a side effect of the birth control pills, she should consult a doctor immediately. After the doctor’s examination, he/she will decide if the female should stop using birth control pills permanently or just stop using them for a while.

Especially with women who take birth control pills and have a vision problem such as seeing double after using these pills should consult a doctor. In such cases, the birth control pills should be discontinued immediately.

Birth control pills rarely cause severe headaches. These headaches may have a negative influence on the woman’s daily routine. If this comes down to a level that will prevent sleeping, the female should consult a specialist as soon as possible.  birth control pills and fertility use is required.

The new generation birth control pills have largely eliminated the side effects

The new-generation birth control pills have significantly reduced the oestrogen level. Instead, the female hormone progesterone that is secreted by the ovaries have been used which have less side effects when compared with oestrogen.

Especially the problems seen in older generation birth control pills such as weight gain, excessive hair growth and risks of cardiovascular diseases have been eliminated. The new generation birth control pills also have some benefits. They reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding, prevent pre-menstrual tension and eliminate factors such as menstrual pain.