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What Are The Causes Of Infertility?


What Is Infertility?

Infertility can be the problem if the couples are unable to conceive a child, despite unprotected sexual intercourse for a year. Infertility covers various diseases related to the reproductive system of men and women. According to the scientific research, %17 of newlywed couples experience infertility related problems. The couple should contact a specialist immediately at the end of the year and the problem causing infertility should be diagnosed. Nowadays, with the developing technology and the opportunities of the medical world, infertility is not an untreatable problem anymore. With IVF treatment it is possible for couples who are facing an infertility problem to have children.

Infertility Types

Infertility is usually seen in men around %30 to %40 and women around %40 to %50. In most Infertility cases, the problem can be diagnosed but %15 of the couple’s problem that causes infertility cannot be diagnosed. Infertility that cannot be detected or diagnosed is called unexplained infertility. Patients who suspect an infertility problem take infertility tests and a detailed examination.

Primary Infertility

Primary infertility is usually seen amongst newlywed couples and it is the situation where couples haven’t had any children before. It is more of a psychological problem rather that a physiologic one. According to the researches, %30 of newlywed couples conceive after 3 months and %70 after 1 year. %80 of these couples can conceive naturally in the first year and %90 at the end of the second year. These rates are considered normal for new married couples. However, if pregnancy is not achieved after 2 years the reason may be an infertility problem. If the couples are unable to conceive at the end of the second year, they should see a specialist as soon as possible.

Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility occurs when the couple has 1 or 2 children but are unable to conceive now. This type of infertility will occur after one point of the couple’s life. This situation usually occurs depending on the lifestyle of the couple.

What Are The Causes Of Secondary Infertility?

Secondary infertility is usually seen based on problems such as; exposure to radiation and chemicals in the work environment, intense stress factors, unhealthy diet, physiological problems, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system and abdominal operations.

Permanent Infertility (Sterility)

After couples suspect an infertility problem they will take some test and will be examined by a professional. If the results come clean and the reason of infertility is unknown this will be a permanent infertility problem. As it can be understood by its name, permanent infertility problems cannot be treated.

What Are The Causes Of Female Infertility?

Usually depending on age, egg reserves will decrease and this will cause pelvic disruptions. 30% of women may face complications such as ovulation disorders, congenital anomalies and pathological masses seen in the uterus. In female infertility the most common factors are as follows:



What Are The Causes Of Male Infertility?

%30 of male infertility is associated with sperm count and quality. The sperm cells must be appropriate and healthy for pregnancy. Among the causes of infertility, problems such as sexual dysfunctions and retrograde ejaculation can be seen as well. In male infertility the most common factors are as follows: