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Vaginoplasty Is Applied To Whom?

Vaginoplasty Is Applied To Whom

What is Vaginoplasty?

A vaginoplasty is aesthetic and functional interventions made for the purpose of correcting problems seen due to the abnormal structure or congenital deformity seen in the genital area. A vaginoplasty is a common procedure. However, problems such as losing elasticity around the vagina and having problems during sexual intercourse can be restored by vaginoplasty. All the problems that result from the structure of the vagina, especially psychologically has a direct impact on the lives of women. The weakening of women’s sexual identity, lack of confidence, sexual dysfunctions and the problems that arise can be fixed both psychologically and physically by vaginoplasty.

Why is vaginoplasty applied?

The most common reasons why women get vaginoplasty are being bothered by the sight of the vagina and the inability to enjoy sex. To be bothered by the sight of the genitals may cause lack of self-confidence and serious problems in their sexual life. In this condition, communication may not be enough between couples. Apart from that, it can lead to a considerable drop in the quality of both daily life and sexual life.

Women usually have a hard time expressing their sexuality. Most women prefer not to talk and act shy about her problems rather than talking about it and expressing her problems. Therefore the problems that arise may cause even bigger problems if not expressed. Within the framework of aesthetic concern that occur in the vagina, deformation, deformity, changes in skin colour and reproductive system has a direct impact on the sexual lives of patients. For this reason vaginoplasty, strengthens women psychologically and physically and helps them gain their sexual identity once again.

Women who apply for vaginoplasty feel better psychologically, and have healthier sexual life.

Vaginoplasty is applied to whom?

What are the operations that are applied?