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Factors are Known to be Correct but Actually Wrong in IVF

fhe-factors-that-are-known-to-be-correct-but-actually-are-wrong-in-ivf-treatment1-IVF treatment is extremely hard and painful!

The idea of IVF being a hard and painful process is quite wrong. IVF treatment is a form of therapy which is quite practical with the terms of today’s technology. Physically there aren’t any difficulties. The number of drugs which is being used during the treatment have reduced, the side effects have decreased, or even the treatment processes has been shortened so it will not affect the daily life of the patient. The number of needles applied to the female has been reduced as well. IVF is a highly successful and practical treatment that can be completed in 15 days.

At any stage of the treatment, the patient will not feel any pain.

2-IVF is more successful at the second attempt!

IVF treatment success rates are the same in the first three attempts. After three attempts, the success rate decreases. The reason that it is thought the second treatment has a better success rate is due to further investigation done to couples after the failure of the first attempt.

3- The female should not leave her bed after IVF treatment!

After the IVF treatment, it is thought that lying down will increase the chances of pregnancy. However, this idea does not have any scientific evidence in any way. The embryos that have been implanted during the transfer will not fall by the female standing up. It even causes the opposite effect. The female who constantly wresting and lying down will be under stress and stress is a factor that affects pregnancy negatively.

4- IVF will cause multiple pregnancies to occur!

In IVF the risk of multiple pregnancies occurring is higher when compared with other methods. However, multiple pregnanciesdo not occur for each IVF attempt. In order to avoid this risk, various methods are being applied.

Multiple pregnanciesare an unwanted situation in IVF treatments. Multiple pregnancies are known to cause various risks for the mother and for the baby.

5- It is possible to have a child at any age with IVF!

A woman’s reproductive potential will start decreasing with age. A large number of womenpostpone having a child with the thought of having IVF in the future. IVF treatment success rates will also decrease as the female gets closer to her menopause period. The reproductive chances are gradually reduced after the age of 30. The chances of consuming a child at the age of 40 will be decreased quite significantly. You can read article about woman age and IVF.

6- The male cannot reproduce if he does not have any sperm cells!

With today’s evolving technology and highly developed methods it is possible to find the male’s sperm.  Sperm can be obtained from men with a variety of methods. With the method of microinjection, a single sperm can be caught and this one sperm cell will be enough for reproduction.

7- The success rate is a 100% in IVF treatment!

None of the assisted reproductive methods can guarantee one hundred percent success rate. The IVF treatment is the assisted reproductive method with the highest success rates. However, the success rate is not one hundred percent. IVF treatment success rate of approximately 65%. There are factors that increase the success rate and reduce it. Among these factors the most important factor is the female’s age.

8- Medication used during IVF Treatment will increases the risk of cancer!

Research and studies on the practices of IVF treatment does not lead to cancer in any way. It has been proven that the medication that is being used does not cause cancer.

9- The pregnancy rate is the same for everyone!

In each treatment the chances of success are different. The reason for this is that the couples previous diseases may affect the treatment or factors related to age and other characteristics.