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Swelling Of Hands And Feet During Pregnancy

Swelling Of Hands And Feet During Pregnancy

In the later stages of pregnancy especially after the 6th month the mother’s hands and ankles will start swelling. In some cases the swelling can cause too many problems. The female might not be able to walk due to the swelling seen around the ankles and feet. Depending on how long the female was on her feet the pain felt due to swelling may increase. Especially in the summer due to hot weather oedema can be seen as well. For some women, swelling can be seen in the face and eyelids too.

Who will experience swelling in hands and feet?

It is more common to see these swellings in women who work. Pregnant women who work on foot, especially complain of symptoms such as swelling in the ankles. During pregnancy, women who weight gain weight fast can experience swelling of the hands and feet. The females who are pregnant to twins and does not have a healthy diet are among the groups who under this risk as well.

What causes swelling and oedema during pregnancy?

During each passing week of pregnancy, there will be an increase in the amount of the fluid between the cells. Depending on the increase in the fluid in the cells, the tissues will start swelling. After a while this will cause oedema. Especially because of the pressure of the uterus and the slowing down of the circulation, the most common areas which are affected are the ankles. This oedemas, are commonly seen among working mothers. The female should rest after coming home.

Another important reason which causes oedema is an unhealthy diet. Oedema is more common among females who do not get enough protein. The oedema which is caused due to the lack of protein are usually seen in the face and eyelids. In such situations, the female should consume nutrients such as milk, red meat and nutrients which contain high value of protein and calcium.

Working pregnant women must be careful not to stay on foot for too long. If the job requires too much standing up the mother should take a break to sit down for 15 minutes. Also, especially working mothers should wear tight pants and underwear.

Pregnant women should chose comfortable tops and trousers. It is very important that the female rests when she gets home. Especially by lifting their feet. By resting the feet, they will prevent further swelling.

The mother should do her daily exercise which the doctor suggested. These exercises must be done at a cool time of the day, not when the weather is hot.

The female should pay attention to her diet. She must not consume excessive salt and should avoid Acidic drinks. It is also important to consume adequate amounts of protein. It is important to follow your doctor’s recommended diet list.

It is also very important to drink plenty of water. The female should consume at least 3 litres of water daily. Drinking water reduces the swelling.