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Seeing Menstrual Bleeding Too Frequently

seeing-menstrual-bleeding-too-frequentlyUnder normal conditions, a female’s menstrual cycle should be 21 to 35 days. It is considered to be normal if the menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. If the cycle is less than 21 days and the female is experiencing menstrual bleeding every 20 days or less, this is accepted as a frequent mensuration. Women who are seeing their period this frequently may think that it has occurred twice in one month. This one is an expression of imbalance and irregularity of menstrual cycles.

What are the causes of seeing menstrual bleeding frequently?

Menstrual irregularities may be seen due to prior or continuing diseases which women experience. For example, diseases such as fibroids and polyps can disrupt a woman’s hormonal balance. In this case, frequent menstrual bleeding can be experienced. The mental state of the woman can also affect the hormones. Working too hard, stress, trauma, and external factors may cause a negative emotional state. Such situations will lead to irregular menstruation seen too frequently. In women, menstrual bleeding can be seen more frequently in patients with hypothyroidism.

How is frequent menstruation diagnosed and after the diagnosis, what is the importance of the treatment?

Women who have menstrual bleeding 2 times within 1 month or less than 21 days, their cycle should be diagnosed by a specialist. A woman who is facing a menstrual irregularity problem should contact a specialist as soon as possible and find out the reason which is causing the irregularity. After listening to the female’s complaints, the doctor will first check the hormonal values. By looking at the results of the blood tests, the problem is often identified. Stress is often the cause of menstrual irregularities. In this case, support from a specialist psychologist may be needed. If the cause of menstrual irregularities are cysts or fibroids the doctor can recommend medical treatment.

Is frequent menstrual bleeding a risk to the female’s health?

Women who are experiencing frequent menstruation problems should see a specialist when possible. Because the female will be losing more blood when compared to other women and this may cause anaemia.  Often the biggest of menstrual disorders are hormonal based. These hormonal disorders must also be treated.

What happens after?

Women, who have frequent menstruation, can lose too much blood. Due to this situation, women can feel tired and exhausted. Menstruation often affects a woman both physically and spiritually. Seeing their period too frequently may also affect the psychology of the woman. The haemoglobin levels may also be affected in a negative way due to excessive bleeding.