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Preparation for Pregnancy

What should those people planning a conception do at first?

Those partners planning a conception should first think about whether it is the right time.  That’s the right time is when they believe that they can financially and mentally overcome the responsibilities brought along with the planned pregnancy and the health problems that may caused by pregnancy. Therefore, the partners should know that they are healthy at first. Thus, they should visit a gynecologist for the first examination.

What kinds of tests are made during this examination?

This is a general examination. The operation made to the female is an exact physical and gynecological examination. They are asked for information about the diseases they have had previously and if any, then assessments will be made in relation to the ongoing diseases. The doses of the medicines continuously used or their impacts on pregnancy will be examined. If the partners planning a conception for more than one year cannot achieve conception despite unprotected intercourse, the necessary test required for infertility (including hormone assay, chest x-ray, sperm analysis, etc.) is required. The smear test is necessarily performed on the sample taken from the female. In case of pregnancy, the screen tests for some infectious diseases that may cause abortion or disability are required. The first visit is completed by prescribing folic acid following to the tests for blood group of the partners and blood count test for female and thyroid function tests.


Do the partners planning a conception have to make a change in their lifestyle?

I think that rather than a change, the partners should revise their lifestyle. That’s they should take into consideration the stress they are exposed to in their living environments including the home environment and workplace environment as well as the problems with the daily life. If the arrangements against such conditions are made before getting pregnant, one will experience a more peaceful pregnancy free of environmental stresses. Thus, it will be more easily understood that the pregnancy is not a disease but a physiological change in the female body. The process ending happily will be remembered not only as a participation of a new member to the household by the partners, but also as a period full of pleasant memories. The reasonable arrangements to be made before pregnancy will render the forthcoming 9 months happy not only for the pregnant woman but also for the expectant father who will share this process with her.

When should the woman who smokes quit smoking?

If a woman who smokes, she has to quit it immediately when she is planning a conception. Even she should not be within the environments where people smoke. If her husband smokes, I think that he should also quit smoking. I recommend so to partners for two reasons, one of which is for he to protect his partner to get pregnant from passive smoking because of second-hand smoke, and we also expect sensitivity from the expectant fathers for the child to be born not to be exposed to cigarette smoke during and after they stay in their mother’s womb.

Alcohol or drug use must be necessarily ended under the control of the physician and before the pregnancy. Some special medicines (such as some medicines used in the acne treatment) must be discontinued within a certain period of time before the beginning of the pregnancy process as their impacts last for long and they are discharged from the body slowly.

What should those women planning to get pregnant  take into consideration?

They should learn how to eat healthily and regularly. We can sum it up in short as follows: it will be adequate to eat sufficiently from all food groups. In other words, the proteins, sugars and fats, vitamins and minerals should be included at the proper rate to list of expectant mother. Things will be easier for the expectant mother to learn and apply these from the proper diet instructions made available to them by their physicians.

Is it necessary to use Folic Acid before pregnancy?

If the Folic acid decreases at the earlier stages of the pregnancy, there may occur some diseases related to the spine and central nervous system of the baby called Neural Tube Defect (NTD). Some of these are serious disabilities to the extent that it is incompatible with the life. Therefore, American Disease Control Center has recommended the use of 4 milligram folic acid for three months at least beginning within a month before the planned pregnancy by the women who have given birth to babies with NTD in a declaration they published in 1991. Those women who do not have any previous birth story with NTD or plan to get pregnant for the first time should receive at least 0,4 milligram folic acid daily. Folic acid can be received easily along with the foods at this level. Folic acid is mostly found in the liver, legume and greens. However, many physicians do not leave it to change and prescribes these medicines before pregnancy.