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Pregnancy and the Importance of Follow-up

When should the pregnancy follow-up begin?

The pregnancy period is a process that changes the normal course of life of each woman who want to be a mother. In this process, the possible changes to the expectant mother are highly important both for the expectant mother and also for the baby growing while developing in the mother’s womb. The pregnancy follow-up should be performed regularly to have an efficient, healthy and safe pregnancy period as much as possible. The partners should start to perform the pregnancy follow-up while they are still considering about having a baby and the expectant mother should learn all the procedures required to be made before pregnancy. For the baby’s healthy growing and development, the specialists may advise the expectant mother even before she has got pregnant and prepare the expectant mother for pregnancy.


For example: if the expectant mother has such habits harmful to the health as smoking, drinking alcohol, etc., then the mother will be warned by the specialist physician and advised to quit such habits as smoking and drinking alcohol. Again as taking folic acid before the conception is very good for the health of the baby, this will be advised by the physician to the expectant mother.

Follow-up of the baby after the conception:

Pregnancy follow-up is intended for the expectant mother to monitor all the movements, reactions, growing and development of the baby on a monthly basis and sometimes, on a weekly basis, based on the risk, during the pregnancy and to have a healthy process.

Key points for the pregnancy follow-up

For pregnancy follow-up, the mother will first learn if she is pregnant. After the pregnancy test, a gynecologist specialized in his/her own field will be chosen and the actual follow-up will have been started. The first examination is intended for the determination of pregnancy. Subsequently, the physician receives blood samples from the expectant mother for several tests. For the diseases examined in the blood, there will be asked for the determination of the infectious diseases, routine biochemical tests, and whole blood test. For the follow-up by ultrasound, the cardiac rhythm, the baby’s sac and structure will be reviewed and the baby’s sizes will be followed up and the approximate development will be determined. Such problems as blood incompatibility with the pregnancy will have been determined at an earlier stage and the necessary measures will have been taken.

Importance of the weeks for pregnancy follow-up

It is required to follow up the baby from the very first week to the last week during the pregnancy. However, the physician’s examination is not recommended for every week. In case of any extra condition, the baby will be taken to weekly follow-up. Otherwise, an examination per month will be sufficient as a result of the normal course of everything. It is better to maintain follow up during the tests required to be performed in some weeks (triple screening test), essential ultrasound results and at the times when the nuchal translucency of the baby is measured.

Pregnancy follow-up during the last 3-month period:

The psychological condition of the expectant mother will get worse because of the baby’s development, weights put on and the arising needs. This case will negatively affect the baby in the mother’s womb and also affect the baby’s development. The mother should be taken more care of by their surroundings during the last 3 month period, and the best cure for the mother is the follow-up by the specialist gynecologist who will calm her down, prevent her from being excited, recover her psychological condition, and provide the reliably correct information for her. The expectant mother will be taking all the steps she needs to take as conscious thanks to her physician.

Procedures to be followed in the 9th month of pregnancy: