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Nutrition in Pregnancy

The foods especially not to be eaten during pregnancy

There are some nutrients and food types that may cause problems when they are excessively eaten or even if they are eaten in small amounts during pregnancy. Considering those required not to be eaten above all, the first thing to come to the mind should be raw or uncooked meat. It causes the microorganism called Toxoplasma to enter into our body and results in Congenital Toxoplasmosis in the fetus in the mother’s womb. In this case, there are seen abortions or congenital permanent abnormalities. Therefore, especially during the first three months of the pregnancy, it should be paid attention to eat the meat by cooking them well, and raw meat and raw meat dishes (such as cig kofte) and meat products should be eaten at the restaurants not reliable.

The cheeses produced from unpasteurized milk, and raw or undercooked eggs may also cause food poisonings during pregnancy. Not well-rinsed vegetables or greens used in salads are a good way for the microorganisms to enter into the body. Thus, the pregnant women should pat extra care for these to be well rinsed.


Eating sea foods is the best source of getting Omega 3 during pregnancy. However, such products as mussels, oysters and shrimps eaten as not cooked well may cause food poisoning. Eating sushi will apparently pose a risk, as well. The meats of sharks, sword fish and bottom fish consist of high level of heavy metal and it is not recommended to eat them.

When smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy, they will have quite serious negative effects on the fetus. Such quite serious pictures as abortions, low birth weight, preterm labor, gestational hypertension, and fetal alcohol syndrome are all the results of smoking and alcohol use.

In addition, it should be paid attention to the food that can be eaten normally during pregnancy but overconsumption of them causes negative results. The pregnant women should avoid eating excessively fatty foods, fries, gaseous drinks, quite salty and spicy food, chips and chips-derived snacks. If the desserts are failed to be eaten at a level to taste, this will result in excessive weight gain both by the pregnant woman and the fetus. Candies, chocolates, jams and liquors will also cause unnecessarily excessive weight gain. As it is found that excessive tea and coffee drinking has negative impacts on the fetus, one or two glasses of tea and one cup of coffee limit should be exceeded.

How much weight should one put on during pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy depends on the individuals. Such factors as the weight and dietary habits before the pregnancy has started, genetic features, the presence of gestational diabetes, number of previous pregnancies, etc. are the variables determining the weight.

The importance of nutrition during pregnancy is apparent. While, however, putting on unnecessarily excessive calories makes the pregnant woman bulky, it also causes the excessive insulin exposure of the baby. While the big babies called macrosomic babies in medical terms are exposed to many complications during delivery, they may also experience metabolic problems after the delivery. Therefore, it is important for the pregnant woman to eat only to the extent that she needs without taking too much calories.

The diets rich in protein content which are supported by sufficiently taken carbon hydrate and fat are the recommended and advised types of food during pregnancy. For necessary vitamins and minerals to be taken, the diet should necessarily include vegetables and fruit. The consumption of food of animal origin should be supported and the dairy products should be of priority for calcium support.

As a result of the foregoing, the weight to be put on monthly should be kept around one- one and a half. For an individual with a normal body mass index, an increase of 11-15 kg at the end of pregnancy may be considered ideal.  Keeping in mind that a majority of the weight put on will be lost automatically, one should not have cosmetic concerns.