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Infertility Prevention


In Order To Prevent Infertility

Infertility problems caused by the male might not always have a solution. But the male should ignore the use of alcohol and cigarettes in order to prevent infertility. If the male is in a very hot environment, this will affect the sperm production and motility.

If the male wishes to be a father in the future, he should stay away from procedures such as vasectomy and similar operations that will cause permanent infertility.

In order to increase the pregnancy rate in women, these are some of the important factors they should be careful about:

The medicine sold in pharmacies could decrease the success rate of pregnancy and might even prevent it. Sometimes the use of wrong medication can lead to miscarriages.  However, if the female has medication that should use regularly, these medicines should be reported to the doctor. According to the doctor’s suggestions, the female can continue to use the medication, or she might need to stop.

Individuals who are overweight will experience a negative effect on their hormone levels. These hormonal problems may cause infertility in the future.

Harmful substances such as smoking and alcohol, reduce the chances of pregnancy and may cause infertility. It will prevent the female from having a healthy pregnancy and may cause miscarriages.

Acupuncture is a very old treatment type. Acupuncture minimises the stress that may occur during IVF treatment. It is also believed that acupuncture will purify you from bad thoughts. However, it has no physical effect on pregnancy.

In order to cope with the emotional effects that occur after the treatment, the female can also get psychological support.

If the results are negative after the IVF treatment, in order to prevent the negative psychological effects, the couples should see a psychiatrist. It is important to get support during this period.

How To Cope With Infertility?

IVF treatment failure can be very upsetting and emotionally exhausting. Even if the couple prepares themselves for a negative result of the treatment it still can be a hard process and might affect the couple’s marriage. Problems such as anger, guilt, low self-esteem, sexual problems and problems in the marriage may occur.

Sometimes the positive results might not be enough for some couples. If the pregnancy continues other questions will keep on bothering the couple such as if the pregnancy will continue or not, will the female have a healthy pregnancy period etc. If the patient has been through a depression before, this problem may re occur during pregnancy and after birth.

During IVF treatments it is possible to have a multiple pregnancy. But females expecting multiple babies can face serious medical problems during and after birth.  This can also be a very stressful period.