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How Should Be Calculation of Pregnancy?

When will I labor?

Always the date of labor is calculated until the labor itself during the pregnancy when the biggest change specific to women is experienced. It is important for the women to try to calculate the day when they get pregnant, to use the calculator calendars and to hear an opinion of the physician based on the ultrasound-aided calculation because the pregnancy will come with a highly different flood of emotions. It is important to know the day for the delivery of a new living being and to become mentally and physically ready for this situation. The case is the same for other individuals of the household and the elders of the family. Everybody would like to arrange themselves for this day.  The selection of the hospital where to labor, the determination of the week when to labor and all the associated preparations will continue increasingly during the nine-month period…


How the best calculation can be made for the day when I will labor?

In pregnancy, the most important criterion is to well know the date of last menstrual cycle. Using that date and the ultrasound data, an approximate date of labor can be calculated. If we are to find an answer for the question “When will I labor?” with an approximate value, then we need to add 280 days onto the first day of the last menstrual cycle. This means that we have to end a process of 40 weeks. These values denote the pregnancy processes with high percentage and that can be mostly seen. In fact, the delivery of a baby between the 38th and 42nd weeks includes the acceptable lines.

What are the conditions that may affect the date of delivery of the child?

What are to be taken into consideration while calculating the pregnancy week?

What should be done if the labor process begins on an unexpectedly closer date?

A symbolic calendar constitutes the calculation of the labor process during this whole pregnancy because the women can never calculate exactly when they will labor. While female babies are in a rush for being born when they complete their 38th week in the mother’s womb, mostly the male babies could wait until their 40th to 42nd weeks. Even if the delivery does not start spontaneously, the pregnant women will still be taken to weekly continuous follow-up. However, while the physicians will start the labor under hospital conditions and direct the date of labor based on a compulsory decision, some babies may become impatient to be born prematurely. Of course, the physiological conditions experienced by the mother, the amnion liquid balance, the psychological changes to the mother and the processes that the women have to experience suddenly in their lives may cause an preterm labor.

If the labor process starts within an unexpectedly closer period, there will be symptoms related to the delivery. Such formations as severe pain, bleeding, discharge of the liquid, and feeling that the baby does not move may cause excitement with the women.  Some of the babies may be born by means of preterm labor before they have attained their 38th week and hold onto life. Therefore, instead of focusing on the date of labor, one should well know the symptoms of labor, prepare the labor bag, to concentrate on the labor and not to be afraid of labor. If we have completed the 40th week while seeking for an answer to the question “When will I labor?”, you need to know that there may be 2 weeks more when we will be still pregnant without having a nervous breakdown…