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High Fever During Pregnancy

high-fever-during-pregnancy1- If the body temperature is above 39 degrees this can be stated as a high fever

The most delicate and vulnerable period of a woman’s life is usually during pregnancy. As all unusual conditions seen during pregnancy a high fever is also a factor of great importance and should not be avoided. A high fever can be seen during the first period of pregnancy and can harm both the mother and the baby. For this reason, if the mothers body temperature is over 38 degrees a doctor should be seen as soon as possible.

2- If the high fever is seen with other symptoms a doctor should be contacted as soon as possible

Short-term fevers may not be very dangerous. However, if the high fever lasts longer than 2 days, in addition if situations such as; kidney infection, lack of fluid in the body, diseases like diabetes are seen, these are conditions that require emergency treatment. Otherwise, irreparable damage can be seen in both the baby and the mother.

3- It is possible to keep the body temperature under control

It is important to increase the amount of fluids in the body and drink plenty of water in order to keep the body temperature under control. However, taking a warm shower frequently (definitely not hot, closer to cold), will help keeping the fever under control as well.

4- It is important to stay away from hot environments such as saunas, Turkish baths and Jacuzzis during pregnancy

Even under normal conditions using the sauna or Jacuzzi would cause body temperature to rise above normal. That is why it is prohibited for pregnant women to enter such environments. In such environments, the mother’s body temperature may increase, and a high fevers can occur.

5- High fever is a treatable problem during pregnancy

As in all diseases, the first action taken will be in order to get the body temperature to normal, and after that the aim is to eliminate the factors that lead to it. antipyretic medication such as Paracetamol are used for fever problems in pregnant women. However, the fever can also be kept under control by a warm shower and cold compresses.

6- High fever will have negative effects on the health of the female during pregnancy

Hormonal imbalances seen during pregnancy, makes the woman’s body more sensitive than usual. The high fever experienced during this period may lead to dizziness and blackouts.

7- Fevers caused by intrauterine infections are very dangerous

High fever seen during pregnancy is not considered to be very important if it does not occur very often, and if it doesn’t last for long. If the fever is caused due to a uterine infection, it should be treated immediately. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage to both mother and baby.

8- Medication without a doctor’s prescription should not be used under any condition

During pregnancy, any kind of medication must be used under medical supervision. In conditions such as high fever it is also important to eliminate the factor that has caused the fever in the first place. For this reason it is important to contact a specialist and start a treatment as soon as possible.