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Chocolate Cysts Treatment Methods


Assisted Reproductive Methods

In order to help women to become pregnant, assisted reproductive methods such as IVF may be preferable to conservative surgery for some patients. If conservative surgery is ineffective for patients with an infertility problem, the choice the specialist will give is generally in this direction.

Uterine Surgery (Hysterectomy)

If the patients are under the influence of severe endometriosis, the removal of the uterus or both of the ovaries may be seen as the best approach for a successful treatment. However, hysterectomy is not actually an effective treatment on its own. The oestrogen hormone which is being produced in the ovaries can cause the endometrial tissue to cause severe pain in the female body. For this reason, the ovaries may need to be removed. However, in terms of women of reproductive age, hysterectomy is usually seen as a last resort in all treatment methods. The reason for this is that after this surgery, it is not possible for women to be pregnant ever again.

The application of the combined treatment

In some conditions, during the treatment of chocolate cysts, the patients may need to use medication prior to surgery or after surgery. Such treatments can be applied if the specialist sees well. This is done according to the patient and the severity of the pain. In cases such as the lack of response from this kind of medicine use, performing surgery in order to remove uteral adhesions a large improvement in the patient’s condition and success of the treatment can be achieved. In conditions where patients do not respond positively to drug treatment, the treatment is usually done by cutting the nerves around the uterus to get a more effective treatment. Some patients may also not respond to these treatments. In such conditions the removal of the uterus and ovaries may be necessary. In the implementation of these treatments the patient’s current health condition, age, and pregnancy conditions are taken under consideration.

It is important for patients with chocolate cysts to see a specialist which they can trust and explain their problems comfortably. This way with the specialists help, it is possible to determine the best treatment type possible.

The lifestyle of patients with chocolate cyst and advice which they can do at home

While continuing treatment, or after treatment, in order to reduce the uncomfortable effects, some measures can be taken at home which can be useful.