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Dental Health During Pregnancy

  • 4 Yıl Önce

During pregnancy the female will experience various hormonal changes. Depending on these hormonal changes, the needs of the body will change as well. It is quite important for the female to get calcium, protein, vitamin and minerals from nutrients to meet the increasing needs of mothers body during pregnancy. As an example, if the female […]

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How Should Be Calculation of Pregnancy?

  • 6 Yıl Önce

When will I labor? Always the date of labor is calculated until the labor itself during the pregnancy when the biggest change specific to women is experienced. It is important for the women to try to calculate the day when they get pregnant, to use the calculator calendars and to hear an opinion of the […]

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Pregnancy and the Importance of Follow-up

  • 6 Yıl Önce

When should the pregnancy follow-up begin? The pregnancy period is a process that changes the normal course of life of each woman who want to be a mother. In this process, the possible changes to the expectant mother are highly important both for the expectant mother and also for the baby growing while developing in […]

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Preparation for Pregnancy

  • 6 Yıl Önce

What should those people planning a conception do at first? Those partners planning a conception should first think about whether it is the right time.  That’s the right time is when they believe that they can financially and mentally overcome the responsibilities brought along with the planned pregnancy and the health problems that may caused […]

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

  • 6 Yıl Önce

The foods especially not to be eaten during pregnancy There are some nutrients and food types that may cause problems when they are excessively eaten or even if they are eaten in small amounts during pregnancy. Considering those required not to be eaten above all, the first thing to come to the mind should be […]

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Nausea in Pregnancy

  • 6 Yıl Önce

How do you define the pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting? Vomiting: to eject the contents of the stomach and upper part of small intestine through the mouth after the contraction of diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles. Emesis: It is the expression of nausea and vomiting in a single word. It is reflexive. The pregnancy induced nausea […]

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