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What Are The Causes Of Infertility?

  • 4 Yıl Önce

What Is Infertility? Infertility can be the problem if the couples are unable to conceive a child, despite unprotected sexual intercourse for a year. Infertility covers various diseases related to the reproductive system of men and women. According to the scientific research, %17 of newlywed couples experience infertility related problems. The couple should contact a […]

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Endoscopic Surgery In Infertility Treatment

  • 4 Yıl Önce

1-What is endoscopic surgery and what are the advantages? In some conditions where the female is facing a complication where she might need surgery can apply for endoscopic surgery. There are many advantages of endoscopic surgery provides for the patient. Some of these advantages are as follows; Patients heal quickly after the operation, The duration […]

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What Is Infertility

What Is Infertility? What Are The Causes Of Infertility?

  • 4 Yıl Önce

1- What is infertility? Infertility can be expressed as a female who cannot conceive a child or has had a child before but can’t get pregnant again.  Approximately %25 of women, can face an infertility problem during a period of their life. At the same time, the age that woman are most fertile is 25. […]

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Infertility Prevention

  • 4 Yıl Önce

In Order To Prevent Infertility Infertility problems caused by the male might not always have a solution. But the male should ignore the use of alcohol and cigarettes in order to prevent infertility. If the male is in a very hot environment, this will affect the sperm production and motility. If the male wishes to […]

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Genetic Diagnosis of Male Infertility

  • 6 Yıl Önce

Genetic abnormalities cause infertility by affecting the sperm production and transfer. The male infertility and the content of its treatment has recently made it necessary to use genetic diagnosis methods. The requirement of the tests intended for the most frequently seen problems are listed among the routine examinations. While the numerical abnormalities in the chromosomes […]

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