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Can A Pregnancy Reoccur During Pregnancy?

Can A Pregnancy Reoccur During Pregnancy

A females body contains factors that will prevent pregnancy reoccurring during pregnancy. As an example, ovulation stops once the female is pregnant. At the same time, a mucous plug will form in the cervix which prevents the sperm from entering into the uterus. For physical reasons such as this, it is almost impossible for a pregnancy to reoccur during pregnancy.

In a normal pregnancy, a new pregnancy does not occur until the end of the current pregnancy. The reason for this is hormonal values which change during pregnancy and the ovulation functions stopping during this period.

It is impossible to conceive when there is no ovulation period. However in medical literature these pregnancies have occurred.

There is no such thing as certain

Some cases have shown, it is possible for a pregnancy to reoccur during pregnancy.

A small amount of women are born with two wombs, these double pregnancies can be seen in women who have two wombs. Under normal conditions, one of these wombs do not function. However, in some very rare and interesting cases, pregnancy reoccurs approximately a week after the first pregnancy. This situation is called superfetation.

Is there a difference between twin pregnancies and superfetation?

In a twin pregnancy, the babies will begin to grow and develop at the same time. However in superfetation ,the second baby will start growing a week or two weeks after the first baby. The difference between these babies are approximately 1 month.

What are the possibilities of a reoccurring pregnancy?

This is a one in a million situation. In addition, some pregnancies the development might occur internal and external. However, problems like these aren’t usually seen in normal pregnancies.

How does superfetation occur?

Experts state that this may occur in 2 different situations.

The first explanation is 2 eggs developing in the same month and one of the fertilised egg to develop later compared to the other egg.

The second explanation is, after achieving pregnancy after, a while later an egg developing and the egg being fertilised.

2 different babies from 2 different men

Another situation that can be seen is a pregnant woman giving birth to 2 babies who’s fathers are different. This situation is called heteropaternal superfecundation.