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Adolescent Pregnancy

Adolescent Pregnancy

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development that is usually seen between the ages 10 to 19. This period is when every individual completes their development physically, emotionally and sexually. The females who get pregnant during the adolescent age are thought to be more disadvantaged when compared with females who get pregnant after the age of 20. Especially in undeveloped or underdeveloped societies when a female is pregnant in her adolescent period, she may face physical, psychological and mental problems.

What are the problems that can occur during adolescent pregnancies?

The problems that can occur during adolescent pregnancy can affect both the mother and the baby. So these factors should be examined separately. During an adolescent pregnancy, because the female body has not completed its development yet, problems such as miscarriage or premature birth can be seen. In cases where such problems did not occur and the female has given birth to the child there still can be complications which may affect the mother’s health. Because the woman’s hip bones are not fully developed, giving birth can endanger both the mother’s and baby’s life. In adolescent pregnancies which can be more difficult than normal pregnancies, common complications such as vaginal discharge with a bad smell, urinary and faecal incontinence can be seen. Because the female is between childhood and adulthood she may not have enough knowledge and awareness about her pregnancy. This may lead to problems such as nutritional deficiencies, anaemia and hypertension.

What are the problems that the baby might face during an adolescent pregnancy?

The infant death rates in adolescent pregnancy, is known to be much higher when compared with normal pregnancy. It can also be said that the younger the female is the higher the rate of infant deaths will be. At an early age, the woman’s body is not developed to a sufficient extent to carry a baby, that is why the baby in the womb of the young mothers is also not sufficiently developed. As a result of these situations, premature births and reoccurring miscarriages can be seen. Apart from that, even if the child is born naturally and with no problems, problems such as intellectual disability and neurological disorders can be seen in the following years of the child’s birth. These problems are a result of adolescent pregnancies.

How often do adolescent pregnancies occur?

Because the educational and career opportunities in the modern societies are more improved, the rate of employment of women and sexual education and awareness rates are higher. For this reason, educated, informed and intellectual women get married or have kids in a later period of their lives. However, the level of education and awareness in underdeveloped or developing countries are low and because of this, the rates of early marriages and random sexual intercourse are high. However, females dropping out of school and marrying at an early age to give birth to a child can cause some problems. The female may not ever experience what working or having a job is, which raises issues as to be pushed out of the social and economic life.