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4 Reasons Your Period May Be Late

 4-reasons-your-period-may-be late

If a woman with a regular menstrual cycle, does not see her menstrual bleeding on the day that should have and 7 days has passed on this date, this condition is called delayed menstruation. A regular menstrual cycle is accepted to be between 21 and 35 days. If the menstrual bleeding is seen before or is late up to 7 days, this is still normal. Any delays above 7 days can have many reasons. You can find some of these reasons below.

What are the causes of late periods?


Stress is a factor that can affect many situations in a person’s life. Especially factors such as working conditions, environmental factors which may cause stress, traumas and sudden mental changes, can cause negative impacts on the psychology and cause delayed menstruation. Stress can alter a woman’s hormonal balance too. In this case, it will cause reduction of ovulation and menstruation delays.


The previous sicknesses that the female has experienced can affect the menstrual cycle. Especially long medication use in diseases can disrupt the hormonal balance of the female body.

Being overweight or underweight

Being overweight or underweight depending on your height may cause menstrual delays. In this case, menstruation may be delayed or may stop altogether. In such cases, the woman should get back to her regular weight. Also the fact that the woman is too weak is another factor that disrupts the menstrual cycle. Depending on the decrease of fat in the body more women who play professional sports experience these delays more. Gaining weight in this condition will solve the problem.


The sweetest cause of menstrual delays is pregnancy. If you suspect pregnancy you can find out a week later after your period is late by getting a pregnancy test from the pharmacy.


If the last time the female has had a period is a year ago this will mean that she has entered menopause. The activities of a woman’s fertility and ovulation are over once in menopause.

In which cases the female should see a doctor?

In conditions where the young female has entered puberty and hasn’t seen her period until the age of 16 a specialist should be consulted immediately. Delayed menstruation, and excessive menstrual bleeding, the abdominal pain getting stronger are conditions where a qualified doctor should be informed as well.

How can late periods be treated?

Delayed periods are usually a condition that is easily treated. However, in some cases despite testing, the doctor cannot identified the cause of delayed menstruation. This situation’s biggest cause is stress.